Events & News

  • NYU ITP Something in Residence

    This Autumn I will be an ITP Something in Resident at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and teaching the course Actual Fact: Visualizing Hiphop Lyrics as Cultural Indicator. I’m honored, their alumni list is bonkers! #WuTangIsForTheChildren

  • The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Thematic Month on Human Behavior

    It’s a great honor to take part in this thematic month on human behavior at The Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center. On the daily, I’m in conversation with some brilliant minds, artists, theorists, economists, practitioners & innovators from diverse fields as… Continue reading

  • YBCA 100 Fellowship

    Provoked and inspired by my inquiry and output, the staff, board and curators of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts have selected me as a member of this year’s YBCA 100!

  • 2016 Media Artist in Resident at Spotify

    As the 2016 Media Artist in Resident at Spotify I’ve been given access to all Spotify data and I’m using it to make art! After 3 months of meeting teammates, attending in-house lectures (& concerts), wrangling data and bartering hack… Continue reading

  • Black Studies in the Digital Age At Princeton

    I’ve been invited by the Faculty-Graduate Seminar and the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University to present my work within the theme of Black Studies in the Digital Age. Now in its eighth year, the seminar brings to… Continue reading

  • Nylon Guys Feature

    With help from the Hip-Hop word Count, and under Hemphill’s watchful eye, the Lab’s students performed close readings of “the F-Word” in N.W.A. songs, mapped violent lyrics against crime stats (turns out there’s no correlation), and tried to settle that perennial question: Who’s the most popular rapper ever? All invaluable experience in Hemphill’s estimation: “It’s about data mining and cultural research–but also media criticism and developing critical intelligence,” he says. “For them to be able to be more critical of any media that they come in contact with, to me, is the win.” Continue reading

  • TEDYouth 2014

    I was invited by TEDYouth to shared my recent experiences with teaching the Rap Research Lab’s first cohort. TEDYouth is part of more than 100 independent TEDxYouthDay events worldwide.

  • NYU Poly MAGNET Graduate Colloquium

    I’ll be speaking at the NYU Poly MAGNET Graduate Colloquium.

  • Eyeo Festival 2014

    I’m Honored To Present New Project Updates To A World Class Crew At @EyeoFestival 2014: June 10-13 Minneapolis.

  • 2013 Creative Capital Artist Retreat

    Tahir Hemphill presents his project “The Hip-Hop Word Count: A Searchable Rap Almanac” at the 2013 Creative Capital Artist Retreat.•LINK•

  • BBC

    Hip Hop Word Count analyzes the culture behind music Have you ever wondered who coined the phrase “bling-bling” and how it then became a popular part of hip hop’s lexicon? And how about the phrase “ghetto fabulous”? When did that… Continue reading

  • Harvard University

    African and African American Studies 143. Representing Blackness: Media, Technology and Power in Hiphop Culture (With Tahir Hemphill) This course will focus on on-line networking and communicating around race, gender and identity. It will be a case study of the… Continue reading

  • Fast Company

    Hemphill, an artist and a Harvard University Hiphop Archive Fellow, is talking me through an interactive map he co-created that charts more than 800 mentions to champagne brands in rap songs from the past 35 years. The graphic is a… Continue reading

  • New Yorker

    RAP SHEET Here’s the origin story for Hip Hop Word Count, the database of fifty thousand rap songs, beginning in 1979, which, among other things, can tell someone when a particular word, such as “champagne,” first appeared in a rap… Continue reading

  • Talk to Me, an exhibit at MoMA

    Talk to Me explores this new terrain, featuring a variety of designs that enhance communicative possibilities and embody a new balance between technology and people, bringing technological breakthroughs up or down to a comfortable, understandable human scale. •LINK•

  • Black Web 2.0

    This summer, in July, Hip-Hop Word Count will be featured in the Art & Design Exhibition Talk To Me at The Museum Of Modern Art. Hip-Hop Word Count is a searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over 50,000… Continue reading

  • Wired

    Datamining Hip-Hop’s History An artist named Tahir Hemphill wants to datamine 30 years of hip-hop lyrics to provide a searchable index of the genre’s lexicon. The project analyzes the lyrics of over 40,000 songs for metaphors, similes, cultural references, phrases,… Continue reading

  • Complex Magazine

    Interview: The Man Behind the First Searchable Rap Lyric Database Even the most avid hip-hop fans sometimes stumble on deciphering lyrics, especially when there’s such a wide range of styles and flows. You have guys like Busta and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony… Continue reading

  • ReadWriteWeb

    The Hip-Hop Word Count Counts on Language to Understand the Reality We Keep In much the same way our bones absorb trace chemicals that can tell future scientists about the environment we lived in, our music absorbs cultural influences, social… Continue reading

  • PSFK

    PSFK talks to Tahir Hemphill, a creative strategist working to understand the development of language and linguistics in contemporary lyrics. •LINK•