Staple Crops Update: Spring 2014 — Stay Chiseled.

Hi Fam.

It has been a while since my last confession. I should probably make these updates more frequent but I don’t because SPAM.

For someone who lives in The Bronx I spend way too much time in The Brooklyn – center of my social life since my teenage years.

To my Brooklyn fam who complain about the effect of gentrification on the city of New York may I suggest that you take an afternoon and visit The Bronx — a county in many ways still firmly set in 1992.


Since my return, The Bronx has been a perfect place to Stay Chiseled.

I’ve opened the doors to the Rap Research Lab — which serves as a studio for the production of creative technology projects and a lab for teaching art, design, data analysis and datavis to students using my project based curriculum that visualizes Hip Hop as a cultural indicator.

(Those iMacs you see in the photo were donated by3rd Ward !!! #GiveThanks)

Basically, I got fed up with waiting for the perfect combination of resources and decided to use my own with experience from teaching at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, Harvard University, Pratt Institute, Benjamin Banneker High School, Edenwald Community Houses and the Queens Museum of Art to build a One Room School House. Contact me to find out how you can back this DOPE ASS project. #WuTangIsForTheChildren

Over the past year I’ve been in academic fellowship / mad scientist / creative research mode. Now that I’m back in these streets I could use some fresh eyes to look at all the new assets I’ve had developed. Especially in relation to business development. #SipAndChat

I donated a serigraph from my Video Music Box Shout Out Series to The Horticultural Society of New Yorkfor the June 11th Block Party. I’m happy to be in the company of such great artists — all to benefit the greenhouse program on Riker’s Island. Get your tickets here:

On June 13th I’ll be presenting project updates to world class developers, data scientists and infographic designers in Minneapolis at the Eyeo Festival.

My light sculpture project (warmly renamed by the internets as Mapper’s Delight) was recently included in the MIT DOCUbase.

Grant McCracken wrote an interesting piece about my project a couple of months ago read it here.

That is all for now. Thanks for your eyeballs. Forward widely.

Be Well,


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