STCR Update: Summer 2013 — Vagrancy.

My Peoples.

In the past 20 days I’ve attended a family BBQ in Atlanta. Moved my apartment from Cambridge into a Brooklyn storage facility. Caught a bus to Washington, DC to present at the Art of Social Change Hiphop Education conference. Flew from DC to Pittsburgh to setup my fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University. Then back to NYC to catch a train to Williamstown, MA to participate in the artist-genius-marathon also known as the Creative Capital Retreat. Then back to NYC for 2 days rest with a necessary trip to the Russian Bath House. And now I’m back in Pittsburgh where I’ll be living for the rest of the Summer. Tahero’s East Coast Tour.

Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement.

And irony is that I did this to myself. The logical completion — to make color coded appointments fit efficiently in iCal triggers my brain’s reward circuitry but the actual physical completion of the tasks is another. separate. thing.

The tension between the digital and the physical is a marker of this Gypset Lifestyle that I’m glad to have the opportunity to experience and take notes on.


While in Cambridge, in addition to working on the Hiphop Word Count as a Research Fellow at The Du Bois Institute at Harvard (btw all songs are now tagged for gender), I co-taught the course AAAS 143: Representing Blackness: Media, Technology, and Power in Hip-Hop Culture.

After teaching the origin story of how the database came into existence, the technology used to build it, how the database could be used for research and the philosophical and ethical questions inherent in the task of visualizing Hiphop as a cultural indicator; we then workshopped each student’s research topic. & they rocked their final papers.

As a followup the Hiphop Archive at Harvard has asked me to use my database to produce an educational tool — one of many satellite projects of the Hip Hop Word Count that I’ve been eager to get started.

I am now in Pittsburgh as a fellow at The Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. I’ll be here working for the Summer in the fabrication labs with 3D printers, CNC router cutters and laser cutters creating sculptural representations of the Hiphop Word Count data — another HHWC satellite project that I’ve been eager to get started.

I suppose my Fall Update will cover adventures in The ‘Burgh.

This happened. #TalkSlowThinkFast


I made this mixtape called Bright Moments. It’s nice. It’s all about #LoveShit


Deuces // Holler // Get at me, Tahir

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