STCR Update: Winter 2013 — Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement.

This year began with a fellowship at Harvard, closed with one at Carnegie Mellon and after 14 months on the road I’m back in NYC, living in the South Bronx.

The funny thing about NYC is that a lot of people didn’t even realize that I was gone. A combination of social media, international press (#humblebrag) and popping in for the right party will pretty much keep you in “Where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you out in a while. You must be super busy.” status with super busy New Yorkers.

While living in Cambridge and Pittsburgh I was able to let go of that part of the NYC Edge that’s unuseful anywhere outside of NYC. But after a few weeks I feel it slowly seeping back into my flesh.

“She asked how come I don’t smile. I said, everything’s fine, but I’m in a New York state of mind.” -Rakim

My Fellowship at The STUDIO For Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University was super productive. The many modular successes culminated in an art project involving rap, robots and long exposure light drawings that plot a rapper’s mentions of geographic locations:

I’m still working on getting all of these new cool features wrapped up and deployed into a public online version that will see light of day very soon.
#InProduction #ModularityInDesign

My South Bronx residency has started nicely with a new printmaking series of Video Music Box shout-outs. The first group are transcribed from the holiday shout outs in this unearthed director’s cut:

Be well,


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