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Actual Fact: Visualizing Hiphop Lyrics As Cultural Indicator

For a few years I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with my art & technology colleagues concerning the need for an approach to teaching data visualization that also considers ethics and bias. As the rap data domain expert, I decided… Continue reading

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Nylon Guys Feature

I’m featured in the January issue of Nylon Guys Magazine.

With help from the Hip-Hop word Count, and under Hemphill’s watchful eye, the Lab’s students performed close readings of “the F-Word” in N.W.A. songs, mapped violent lyrics against crime stats (turns out there’s no correlation), and tried to settle that perennial question: Who’s the most popular rapper ever? All invaluable experience in Hemphill’s estimation: “It’s about data mining and cultural research–but also media criticism and developing critical intelligence,” he says. “For them to be able to be more critical of any media that they come in contact with, to me, is the win.”

TEDYouth 2014


I was invited by TEDYouth to shared my recent experiences with teaching the Rap Research Lab’s first cohort. TEDYouth is part of more than 100 independent TEDxYouthDay events worldwide.