A Mapper's Delight

Opening September 6, 2017 at California College of the Arts – Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement.: A Mapper’s Delight features art made from the Hiphop Word Count database and is accompanied by a series of community data workshops.

Rap Research Lab

In 2014, I founded the Rap Research Lab a creative technology studio that explores rap as a cultural indicator through educational, editorial, and creative interrogations.

STCR Update Winter 2018: Rapbot Lives!


Happy Holidays! New Year! Black History Month!

I started writing this message in November while wrapping up my Autodesk Pier 9 Residency in San Francisco. With a self-imposed, 14 hour/day 7 day/week schedule a group of us went full feral artist.

Picasso, Baby!

Picasso, Baby!, a network graph that visualises the connections between rappers and the modern and contemporary painters they name drop in their rhymes.

Actual Fact

Actual Fact is acommunity data project that teams academic writers and cultural critics with data visualization designers and programmers to produce and publish creative research.

Spotify City

Spotify City looks at music streams as a representation of a listener’s aspirations, influences and desires by building a theoretical city where real estate size is allocated based on data mined from the lyrical content of the songs that New Yorkers stream.

STCR Update Summer 2016: Bury the Lead aka Humblebrag aka TL;DR

Hi Fam.

Happy Strawberry Moon on this First Day of Summer. It has been a year since my last confession so I’m super-amped to share these overdue studio updates below.

Hiphop Word Count

Request access to the Hip-Hop Word Count.

Champagne Always Stains My Silk

Champagne Always Stains My Silk is an interactive visual history of Champagne brand mentions in hip-hop from 1980-2010.

I Get Wild Like Larry Davis

From The Series: Intonarumori: Noise Making Machines, Edition of 25, Serigraph, 15” x 15”. Informed by Luigi Russolo, Cut & Paste culture and digital music production. Order a limited edition print here.